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  • Enterprise Solution Consulting

    We will evaluate your needs and provide you with a solution that will be appropriate to the result you desire, relying on our years of experience in crafting hand-tailored solutions that work! There are a multitude of designs that work in theory, but not in practice. Crystal Lightning knows the difference and will give you solutions you can take to the bank!

  • Application Development

    Do you need an application that is scalable, versatile, and well-designed? We can do this, and do it right the first time and on time! Are you frustrated with empty promises and deliverables that are never on-time or to your specifications? Let our team of professionals transform these negatives into positives for you! Our applications are delivered on time and developed with the end user in mind! Please ask for our references and leave the development/deliverables to us.

  • Legacy Application Conversions

    Is it time for your old legacy client-server application to move to a web-based Internet solution? This is our forte. The MCIR began as a client-server application with one of the lowest utilization factors in the nation until Crystal Lightning ported their vast application into a thin-client platform. Within three years of moving this application to the web, MCIR was nationally recognized as a leading immunization registry in the United States.

  • Database Performance Tuning

    Crystal Lightning will analyze your database, evaluate its capabilities, determine what improvements are needed, and then tune indexes, analyze data for partitioning, tune SQL, evaluate/recommend hardware and fine tune your application until it delivers optimum performance.

  • Complete System Evaluation

    Crystal Lightning will evaluate your entire system and generate a report that will: indicate what improvements are necessary; explore various ways to enhance your application's scalability and performance; demonstrate how distributed processing can be utilized to improve throughput; pinpoint where application bottlenecks are; offer viable solutions to eliminate those and any other blockages, and suggest specific solutions that guarantee maximum productivity.

  • Database/Application Installations

    Out of the box applications can be difficult to install and often become even more problematical when trying to fine tune their functionaltity for optimum performance. Whether you buy an off-the-shelf product, or obtain a state-based immunization registry product, Crystal Lightning will professionally install all the necessary components and ensure that the product is performing to or beyond your expectations.

  • Products

  • Immunization Registry Application

    This is the basic J2EE-Oracle application based on the State of Michigan MCIR model. It provides the ability to enroll providers, children and parent/guardians, record their information, input immunization data, perform assessments, extract PDF reports on immunization data and output provider profiles.

    The following additional modules are available ...

  • Vaccine Inventory

    Simplifies management of provider's vaccine inventories by automatically subtracting doses from the inventory as they are issued to the children and entered into the registry - creating an accurate real time count of doses on hand at any given time.

  • Import/Export Bulk Data Loading

    Enables providers and health care organizations to process their data more efficiently by uploading it to the registry in a text file format extracted from their billing system. Module is also capable of intuitively identifying and correcting errors online and then submitting the accurate data for processing, saving the end users time and billable work hours.

  • Reminder/Recall Letter Generation

    Coordinates and expedites the immunization notification process for Registered System Users by generating custom letters that inform Parents and Guardians when their child's immunization is due.

  • School/Childcare Integration

    Incorporates the ability for the School/Childcare System to utilize the immunization registry data already recorded for a child. County and State Officials can then determine which schools/childcares are meeting State Compliancy Levels and which ones are not.

  • Offline Reporting

    Allows application users to extract large PDF documents for a variety of reporting needs without the risk of timing out due to long processing times. State Officials can retrieve immunization profile reports for the entire state at a county level with the click of a button - and County Officials can compile the profiles of all of the providers in their jurisdiction into a single report.

  • Deduplication/Merging

    All registries need to deal with the duplication of children in the system. Using a weighted approach to determine the probability of a duplicate, this flexible application can calculate the levels at which point a duplicate can be automatically merged or marked for manual viewing and merging.

    • Oracle Certified Professional

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